Buddhism teaches us to not live in struggle or fear. That life can wothout any changes go normally along and live together. The following is a buddhist quote:

"The greatest worth is self-mastery."

Along with great Teachings there are many projects and pratices that one likes to see in his or her life. The following quote demonstrates that:

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him."

Mullican Hardwood Flooring: Distinctive Style  


Mullican’s Hardwood Flooring offers a variety of choice flooring that is sure to fit your needs. Mullican offers traditional hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, and their new line of Green flooring.


True Hardwood floors offer great style, yet are very durable. The combination makes true hardwood a great value. Hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished three to five times over its lifetime, adding to its longevity. Through the ages, the technology of flooring has highly advanced. New sealers, finishes, and even new ways to install flooring have been developed over the years. Today, the fact that hardwood floors are easier to clean and maintain than carpet, has led it to be more sought after than ever.


Mullican Hardwood Flooring

Johnson Hardwood Flooring


Mullican Hardwood Flooring also offers a great return on your investment. Mullican Hardwood Flooring combines timeless craftsmanship with today’s innovative sealants, making them a true legend in the competitive flooring business. With their chic distressed, wire brushed, or handscraped finishes, they are sure to meet your demands in style. Mullican’s prefinished line of solids comes in these varieties: Mullican Buckingham Beech, Mullican Chatelaine, Mullican Frontier Wire Brushed, Mullican Knob Creek, Mullican Muirifield, Mullican Nature, Mullican New River Hickory, Mullican Ol’Virginian, Mullican Quail Hollow Oak, Mullican Rustics and Mullican St. Andrews Oak. Don’t forget Mullican’s line of Exotic hardwoods. High quality exotic floors are hard to come by. Mullican Hardwood Flooring in true hardwood comes in a variety of colors, including Ebony, Mink Brown, Autumn Maple, Cherry Cimarron, Colonial Walnut, Ebony Oak, Golden Maple, Tobacco Barn Pine, Cappuccino, Merlot Brazilian Cherry, Provincial Hickory, Sundance Hickory, Cherry Cabernet, Cherry Mocha, Hickory Saddle, Coffee, Gunstock, and more.


Triangulo Flooring

Mullican St. Andrews Oak


Like true hardwood, engineered hardwood can be sanded three to five times in its lifetime. Engineered hardwood is a very popular alternative to true hardwood. Engineered hardwood consists of a hardwood veneer over plywood, making it a very economical, yet current and fashionable choice for families. Today, many people are choosing hardwood floors as a suave and stylish alternative to carpeting. Carpeting can hold dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold, air borne chemicals, and more. Allergy and Asthma sufferers, breathe easier, get rid of that old carpet; brighten and modernize your home with a new look from Mullican’s Hardwood Flooring. Their prefinished engineered line comes in these great styles: Mullican African Legends, Mullican Austin Springs Hand Sculpted LOC-TO-FIT, Mullican Austin Springs Smooth LOC-TO-FIT, Mullican Chalmette, Mullican Elk Ridge, Mullican Foothills, Mullican Frontier Distressed, Mullican Frontier Wire Brushed, Mullican Hillshire, Mullican MeadowBrooke, Mullican MeadowView, Mullican MountainView, Mullican Northpinte, and Mullican Ridgecrest.


Mullican Ridgecrest Flooring

Mullican Ridgecrest Hickory Natural


Mullican Hardwood flooring, engineered planks come in a wide variety of color choices also. (Tigerwood, Bubinga Natural, Cumaru, Mozambique, Pacific Mahogany, Padouk Natural, African Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry, Cherry Cimarron, Maple Brownstone, Merbau Ebony, Walnut colonial, Cherry Sangria, Antique, Sunset San, Maple Tuscan, Butternut, Tuscan Brown, Auburn, Harvest, Mocha, Caramel, Espresso, Bordeaux, Golden, and more).


Mullican Ridgecrest Maple Natural

Mullican Hardwood Flooring


For those consumers who are interested in Green flooring, Mullican Hardwood Flooring is the first of offer an innovative line of FSC certified engineered flooring. The species choices currently come in oak and hickory, from well managed forests. Mullican’s Green flooring comes in planks that are ½’ thick, and 3” or 5” wide. They offer three lines of Green flooring: Green Haven Exotics, Green Haven Engineered, and Green Haven Hand Scraped. Everything is backed by a 25 year finish warranty. Every Mullican floor also comes finished with Alpha Alumina real world finish.


Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Armstrong Century Farm

Today, many people are choosing hardwood floors as a suave and stylish alternative to carpeting. Affordable, fashionable and popular. Customize the look of your home, install a Mullican Hardwood floor in your home today.  To find out more about Hardwood Flooring Atlanta please visit the reference for this article.

Carpet over the Years

                Carpet companies and worked to reinvent the feel, texture, and look of carpet and it has definitely evolved over the years. I grew up with carpet in my house and there are several reasons why as an adult I still rely on carpet as my main source of flooring.


                When I was younger I remember the carpet as being shaggy and longer. It wasn’t the easiest flooring to vacuum unless you had the perfect vacuum cleaner, but it also gave the house a more comfortable, cozy feeling. I remember lying on the carpet watching television, playing with my Barbie house, and enjoying a nice relaxing nap. Carpet was just becoming a new flooring trend and it has changed a lot over the years.



                In the 80’s carpet began to take on the shape it is today. It lost the long shag, but it came in extremely vibrant colors. I remember having a blue carpet which ran through the whole house. The blue carpet had a very plush feel to it, and felt really good under your feet! At the time it matched the décor of the house and looked very welcoming. Although I was happy to replace the carpet with a new fresh color, I was sad to see the carpet go since it had been such a great investment!


Mohawk Carpet
Beaulieu Carpet
Carpet Cleaning


                In the 90’s when I purchased carpet as an adult, I chose to have more of a Berber carpet that would hold up well under high traffic, and spills the kids might leave behind. The carpet was more of a light, neutral color that would match with any surrounding furniture and be welcoming and comfortable for company. I enjoyed watching the kids play on the carpet as I had did as a child on the shaggy carpet.


                Today, as I look to make my next investment in carpet I’m looking at new innovative styles, textures, and colors to spice up my living room. Aside from looking at new colors and styles, I also enjoy the fact carpet can now be made entirely from recycled materials. So, not only will I have new carpet to make my room look beautiful but I can be “green” while doing so.


Carpet Pad
Discount Carpet

                Over the course of my lifetime, I have enjoyed every brand and texture of carpet I have had. I will continue to purchase carpet for my house because of its beauty, safety, comfort, feel, and for making my house feel welcoming!

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